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  • Correspondence with AdityaComputers of Jaipur, India

    From Buyer: Tarun Bhardwaj on 12/12/2009 13:29 PST
    The seller is a vebhost company. But their server does not seem to work perfectly. I have sent repeated emails and talked on phone for return of my money under "30 Days Money Back Guarantee". Now the party disconnects the phone when I dial them. Adityacomputer.com is definitely cheating. Please debit their account by the payment I made and credit to my account.

    From Seller: Aditya Computers on 12/12/2009 18:31 PST
    Hello, Buyer want money back for hosting account, which we are not denying. The amount for domain registration is not refundable because it is already registered. We are ready to refund $9 against, his hosting account under 30 days money back scheme. Buyer should keep this in mind that refund process takes time and there is no problem with server side, several clients are running smoothly there. Buyer want to run some script on that and it is not running because of security reasons. But any way we are ready to refund $9 for there hosting account, but it will take 2 or 3 days to complected. Buyer should wait for some time, because refund process should be approved with all departments.If buyer want to communicate with us there is support ticket system in there account which is most trusted communication for both side, use that and submit a account cancel request by this only any other communication is not acceptable because of client account security. Please read our refund policy for more info http://adityacomputer.com/30_days_money_back_gurantee.htmlThank you

    From Buyer: Tarun Bhardwaj on 21/12/2009 15:11 PST
    The seller phoned me within 10 hours of the last filing of the complaint; I have a recorded session of that. He said the money due would be returned after a couple of days. Today more than 8 days have passed.

    From Seller: Aditya Computers on 21/12/2009 19:47 PST
    Buyer has claimed for $20 USD Refund, But the amount is only $9 USD for Refund. Buyer has taken a package which has payment term of six monthly and annual. But at the time of purchase He told us that he just want to check it for one month and will pay for that, if he is satisfied will continue, So he is not a full eligible customer for the money back. This is the main reason of delay. I have to make all my management ready for this refund for him. But before receiving Refund he should remove this dispute of $20 from here, because we will refund only $9 against this case. Thank you

    From Buyer: Tarun Bhardwaj on 21/12/2009 20:35 PST I just got a phone call from adityacomputer saying they had received $20 on 26 Nov 2009 via paypal from tarun@71centhosting.com. I don't understand how this is being stated. I have only one account with PayPal and that is tarun@dbperl.com and the money was sent to them from here. The party is confused or is being purposely confused; one of the email correspondence address used for communication with the party is tarun@71centhosting.com. The money was sent from PayPal account tarun@dbperl.com. The party should return $9.0. Incidently in the previous coresspondence they had stated that the money would be sent within next 2-3 days. Now 9 days have passed. PayPal is requested to inform the party the PayPal Id of the amount sent on 26Nov2009 and to return the $9.00 to that account.

    From Seller: Aditya Computers on 21/12/2009 21:04 PST
    We have send paypal snapshots to make him sure that he made payment from account tarun@71centhosting.com and officially we can refund to this account only. If buyer want money to other account which is not associated with this purchase, is not possible.

    From Buyer: Tarun Bhardwaj on 21/12/2009 22:38 PST
    Please send the $9 to the PayPal account from which you received which as you say is tarun@71centhosting.com. Only after the money is received will the case be withdrawn.

    From Seller: Aditya Computers on 21/12/2009 23:11 PST Please try to understand, without closing this issue it is not possible to refund you, you claimed for $20 and you are eligible for $9 and with paypal it is not possible to refund you lesser amount then claimed. When i go to press refund botton it is giving you $20 and there is no way to refund $9 if this dispute is not closed. You may talk to paypal for this matter. This is our last communication on this matter after that we will left all things on paypal to decide.

    From Buyer: Tarun Bhardwaj on 23/12/2009 14:16 PST Before regsitering this complaint with PayPal I tried for 7 days to resolve the issue. I do not trust AdityaComputers and therefore cannot close the case before receiving the $9 as I fear they will continue with their past behaviour with me.

    And 'RESOLUTION' of the dispute by PAYPAL We have completed our investigation of this case. No further action is required by you at this time. We have denied this claim. As stated in our User Agreement, PayPal's Buyer Complaint Policy only applies to the shipment of goods, not to disputes about the attributes or quality of the goods received. We have noted your claim in the seller's record. The seller's account privileges will be limited if excessive complaints are received

    Here are some emails exchanges with them

    Dated 22 Dec 09 Dear Tarun Ji,
    As we got a refund request from you for $9 against your order, We had received money from you from paypal account name of tarun@71centhosting.com and officially we can refund to this account only, because we got payment from this account. Please see attached snaps of paypal for this.... please remove the dispute from paypal and take a refund of $9 to your account.
    Thank you

    Dated 21 Dec 09
    It is now over a week since the problem was brought to your notice. Today I found that the browser reports "can't find the site". I tried the ftp and that also is not connecting. I presume you have disabled the account. Good.
    I checked at PayPal and no money has been received from you. I had paid $20 (Rs 450 for domain name and Rs. 400 for hosting). Would you please return the amount 20/850*400 = $9.41 to tarun@dbperl.com Please do this quickly. I have waited quite some days. Kindly acknowledge receipt. Much Good Wishes,

    Even after PayPal decision and closing of the case no refund has been received so far (24-02-2018).

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